Meet Our Staff

Ralph Mann

Senior Pastor
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Born and raised in Texas, I have 31 years of pastoral ministry experience. I am married to Verna, and we have five children, but only two are now living at home – Rebekah and Bethany. We are also blessed with four grandchildren. Verna holds a Master’s degree in English, and has taught both high school and college English. She currently is teaching freshman English at Smithson Valley High School. My passion in ministry is Evangelism and Preaching. I hold a Doctor of Ministry degree from Southern Methodist University. My primary duties are preaching and directing the vision and focus of BUMC. I have a desire for people to serve the Lord in wherever God is calling them. I am a consultant and coach for the Healthy Church Initiative of the Rio Texas Conference UMC; helping churches have a clear vision and vitality for ministry. Prior to entering ministry, I spent 8 1/2 years in the Air Force as a Korean Linguist. I am proud to be an Eagle Scout, and was a chaplain at the 2010 Boy Scout National Jamboree. I enjoy camping, riding motorcycles, and flying airplanes (I am also a certified flight instructor). Even though I have an adventuresome spirit, I still enjoy a quiet day of soaking in God’s creation with a book under a tree, or a casual conversation with a friend.

Barbara Aziz

Associate Pastor
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I love serving as your Associate Pastor! I was born and raised in a large and loud Czech Catholic family in El Campo, Texas. I moved to San Marcos in 1986 to attend and also graduate from Southwest Texas State University. I am married to Karim, who works for Texas Parks and Wildlife in San Marcos as a cartographer, mapping Texas rivers and streams. We have three grown sons and two beautiful daughters-in-law who all live in Austin. We also have a beautiful grandson, Owen, who rules our world. He’s definitely “my happy place!” I received my Master of Divinity from Austin Seminary in 2006. Prior to my appointment to BUMC, I served churches in Luling, Bishop and Kyle. I believe that when both laity and clergy are empowered to use their God-given gifts, then Christ becomes more alive for all. I have a passion for preaching and teaching. I believe that God’s grace and love is offered to ALL people and that it is our job to make sure everyone feels welcome in God’s church and in life in general. I enjoy laughing, sharing food and playing cards and games with family and friends. Give me and book and a river any day! Mostly, I relish my role as Grandma and look forward to spending my Thursday (my Sabbath), with Owen each week! Come and visit our amazing church at BUMC!

Michael McCrum

Associate Pastor
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Serving as your associate pastor is undoubtedly a privilege and honor!  I am 59 years young, and have traveled many roads on my journey to this wonderful place. I was raised on the south side of San Antonio as a Catholic, attended a Catholic elementary school and was taught by “stern” faithful nuns 🙂 (still remember the paddles); I grew to love God through my parents, my interaction with nuns and priests, and in weekly mass. I am Hispanic on my mother’s side (I know, I don’t look it), and was raised in a completely Hispanic culture. I believe that environment formed the core of who I am today. I am married to Ana, and we have five beautiful children, two of which are still in school and living at home. Ana teaches Spanish to middle and high school students at Bracken Christian School in Bulverde. I have been labeled as “bi-vocational”: I am a licensed Methodist pastor as well as a licensed attorney. My path to becoming a licensed pastor began about 10 years ago, and involved an ongoing process of study, mentorship, and prayer. Prior to becoming a pastor, I sought to serve our Lord and His children in many ways, including having served as the Lay Leader of BUMC for two years, serving in many ways on men’s and women’s Emmaus Walks, leading men’s ministries at several churches, and in teaching many different courses. Currently, my primary duties at BUMC have focused on preaching and teaching, and in particular, striving to help others know more and more about the depth of God’s love. I have practiced law for over 30 years, concentrating primarily in the area of criminal justice, and have taught courses in the local law school. I am a former federal prosecutor and policeman, and have also coached middle school football for several years. Despite the label of “bi-vocational”, I truly consider my life to be devoted to only one vocation – – do all that I can to help bring people into a closer relationship with our Lord. In addition to my relationships with God and my family, my highest love is serving here at BUMC.


Ruben Saenz III

Associate Pastor
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I am originally from the Rio Grande Valley and graduated from Edinburg North High School in 2009. After graduation I attended Texas Lutheran University to play football. Prior to my sophomore year due to injury I missed the whole season which lead to transferring to UTSA to continue my education as well as my football career. During my junior year I suffered a career ending back injury. Following my football career I had an opportunity to serve as the lead intern for the Wesley foundation at UTSA in 2011. In his time there I saw the ministry grow from four students to forty-five students. After a year and a new calling to ministry I found himself at BUMC as an intern over youth ministries in the summer of 2012. What started out with just four students grew to over twenty and then through the next two and a half years I helped develop a youth program called Aftershock Youth Ministries which grew to having over Four Hundred youth in the program. Shortly after, I entered the process to be licensed in the then Southwest Texas Conference as a Local Pastor and was soon after appointed to Bulverde UMC as an Associate Pastor to Youth and Young Families in the summer of 2014. In January, 2015 I was appointed and began work on Revive Community Church, a new church for new people in the Rio Grande Valley, in Sharyland near Mission, TX. After eight months they launched on August 2015, in which they launched with over 150 people in attendance in a movie theater. Starting in December, Revive endured some turbulent times which through many efforts to no success would eventually be closed down in May of 2016. At the 2016 Rio Texas Annual Conference I was re-appointed back to Bulverde UMC to serve once again as Associate Pastor. I will be serving over youth, and young adults, once again. I am really looking forward to this appointment and opportunity to serve once again at BUMC, and hope to bring my experience and passion for Christ in all He does.
In my personal life I am married to my beautiful wife Christina, and we are expecting our first child together this fall. I am the son of Bishop Ruben Saenz Jr. of the Great Plains Conference and Maria A. Saenz. I have three siblings, Aaron Saenz,  who is a Pastor in Harlingen, TX at Valley Praise UMC;  sister Christina, who is the Lead School Psychologist for Pearland ISD in Houston, TX, and little brother Isaac who is a student at UT Arlington.

Hannah Hedgpeth

Director of Programs and Outreach
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I am excited to be the Director of Programs and Outreach here at BUMC. Since becoming a member here in 2001, I have seen an amazing children’s ministry grow and am blessed to be a part of that.  Our youth program has flourished and we have an awesome amount of youth seeking God!  I have a wonderful husband, Darrell, and three beautiful girls; Shelby, Emma and Avery.  Like many families we are busy with school and activities but we keep God as the main focus in our family.  In our children’s program, our children are fully immersed in Bible stories and how to apply the Bible and God’s grace to their daily lives. Children will experience a loving atmosphere and fellowship with other Jesus followers in our Sunday school program.  Our Aftershock Youth ministries offers evening youth groups, as well as a Sunday morning study with topics that matter to youth these days.  We want to equip our youth with truths from the Bible for their future and to help them face their daily struggles by seeking God’s wisdom.  They will hear a strong message and feel God’s love at Aftershock.   BUMC is a great place to be.

Steve Angle

Director of Music & Worship Arts
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Born in Georgia, raised in LA (Lower Alabama), I have loved music since I was old enough to sit in my Mama’s lap and help her play piano.  I received my Bachelors Degree in Music from Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama in 1975, and my Masters Degree in Choral Music (Conducting) from Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University) in San Marcos, Texas.  I have served as music and youth minister in United Methodist churches for over 34 years.  I love to play piano, guitar and sing.  I write and arrange music and enjoy a wide variety of styles and types of music.  I have always especially loved choral music, and would like to play more racquetball (my favorite pastime).  I love gizmos, like: Pocket PCs, Computers, Sound Equipment, Television, etc.  More than anything, though, I love serving Christ in whatever capacity possible.  Though I do not do Youth Ministry per se anymore, I still love kids and just love being involved with the wonderful people in the community of Christ.

Tiffany Gibbons

Child’s Morning Out Director (Preschool Director)
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Look for more information about Tiffany  coming soon.

Vicki Harwell

Church Administrator
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I feel blessed every single day that I get to spend my weekdays doing ministry with the wonderful people of BUMC.  My husband’s name is Fred and we have five wonderful children (Christy, Sabrina, Brad, Krit, and Rachael) and seven grandchildren (Sean, Cyerra, Marissa, Emma, Noah, BB and Mason).  Besides serving the Lord, my passion is my family.  Since most of my kids are in the Houston or Austin area, many weekends I can be found heading out to see the grandkids.  Either that, or hosting them at my house for a weekend, or better yet, a week or more!  Fred, Rachael and I moved to Bulverde 8+ years ago after living in the Salt Lake City area for several years.   Fred has been known to say that the Hill Country is God’s gift to Texas, and living here fulfills a longtime dream.   We enjoy long drives down the back roads to take in the tranquil scenery and visit the small town antique and “junk” stores. It is my pleasure to serve our Lord and Savior by serving the BUMC congregation.  Please do not hesitate to come visit me or call me if there is anything I can do for you.

Linda Reynolds

Administrative Assistant
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I was blessed to join the BUMC staff as Administrative Assistant in 2006. I help with contributions, attendance, membership records and small ministries. My husband of nearly 40 years works in wholesale for Buffet Music Group. We have 2 adult children, Clint & Emily, and 4 wonderful grandchildren. Our dream of moving back to the Hill Country was fulfilled when we moved to Canyon Lake in 2004. We had originally left the Austin area in 1974 to live in Houston and then Fort Smith, Arkansas. I love traveling, quality time with family, cooking, and reading.

Susan Dolan

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My husband John and I moved to the area in 2009 after retiring from our full time jobs in the oil and gas industry.  Although we were both born and raised in Texas, we spent a lot of years working in New Mexico and Wyoming before moving back home.  We have 2 grown daughters and 5 grandchildren.  They all live in New Mexico, so you will find us headed that way fairly often.  Now semi-retired, we enjoy traveling, being outdoors, watching Spurs games and hanging out with our miniature dachshund, Eddie.  I joined the staff in January 2011.  I feel very blessed to be a part of this church, both as a member and employee.

Guy Davis

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I  came to BUMC in 2003 as the drummer for our SonRise Celebration Praise Band, of which I am still a member.  Not long later, I became our weekday custodian and handyman.  But those who know me,  call me The Minister of Space.  If you meet me in the hall I always have time for a prayer, a story or a testimony.  I am married to Carolyn and we are both very involved in the whole life of our church.