A Discipleship Pathway for Bulverde UMC
November 2017-May 2018 Wednesday Night Offerings

These short-term studies are open to all adults, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey. Offered on Wednesday nights, 6:30-7:45 p.m. Childcare and Junior High Youth available.  Click here to see when the classes are offered and to sign up!  More…




Growing spiritually doesn’t happen when we know what Jesus says.  It happens when we apply what He says.  Learning to apply what God says is moving from “head knowledge” to “heart knowledge.”  At BUMC we believe that true growth happens when you are involved in community, not just sitting in rows on Sunday.  To grow spiritually, you have to be connected relationally. A great way to do this is through groups/ministries. In your group, you’ll develop life-encouraging friendships with people who will not only “do life” with you, but support you during your next steps.  We are better together – Find your ministry today!   Join Us



Do you have an idea for a group or have you been waiting for the perfect one to become available? Lets’s get it created!  Hosting your own group is easy. Take a few minutes to complete this form, and upon approval, your group will be listed in the groups online directory.   New Ministry Application