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Picture Lent. “Think,” Mark 8:31-33

by Barbara

After Jesus tells his disciples that he must suffer, die and rise again, Peter rebuked (what a word!) Jesus. He didn’t want his friend to suffer and besides…what kind of Messiah is that? So, Jesus tells him to stop thinking about everything in worldly terms, but to set his mind on the divine. That’s why […]

Picture Lent, “Promise,” Romans 4:13-18

by Barbara

Through Jesus, God promises unconditional love for all people. (I promise, little one, to hold you and tickle your back whenever you want and love you forever.) #myhappyplace #wheredidthebabygo #picturelent #promise

Picture Lent, ”Remember,” Psalm 22:27-31.

by Barbara

On Sunday we lit 17 candles in memory and honor of the Parkland, FL shooting victims. We pray and recognize a call to action so that mass shootings, especially of children, don’t become the norm. They aren’t. Praying that when this shows up on my FB memories next year, we will remember this as the […]

Picture Lent, “Praise,” Psalm 22:23-26

by Barbara

It’s a beautiful thing to witness a child bringing in the light of Christ. Praise God for all our children. I hope we do everything in our power to keep them safe and feel loved. #picturelent #praise

Picture Lent. Angels. Mark 1:9-15

by Barbara

I love how the Scripture says that after Jesus endured the suffering of the desert, the angels attended to him. This was my grandmothers picture. It hung in my parents bedroom forever. It was probably in the original frame and the picture was getting worn, so I re-framed it for them. I’m blessed to have […]

Picture Lent, Rainbow, Genesis 9:8-17

by Barbara

Since I’m posting a day early it feels weird looking for a rainbow on Ash Wednesday. But, then it doesn’t. That’s because the story of Noah teaches us that in spite of our violence and brokenness, God still redeems us. #rainbow #picturelent