OUR MISSION.  The making of disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

OUR VISION. The vision of Bulverde United Methodist Church is: To Build, To Grow, To Send. To Build disciples where Jesus Christ is center. To Grow a community that seeks the heart of God. To Send a community into the world to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Because we value FAMILY, therefore we grow in family focused ministries.
Because we value SERVICE, we instill a value of service in our community.
Because we value EDUCATION, we intentionally expand education opportunities.
Because we value MULTI-GENERATIONS, we intentionally include everyone.
Because we value DIVERSITY, we serve all.
Because we value BEING HERE, we serve out there.
Because we value BEING THE HANDS AND FEET OF CHRIST, we develop leaders that put Jesus first.
Because we value ACCOUNTABILITY, we are accountable to one another in all aspects of stewardship.
Because we value HONESTY, we communicate in an honest manner.
Because we value HUMOR AND REALITY, we forgive.
Develop a stronger presence of a church guided by prayer.
Intentional in our relationships that make Disciples.
To not be comfortable in our discipleship, but to reach out in such a way that we become uncomfortable.
We expect people to be invested as Disciples.